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Spring Wine Bundle

$ 65.00 $ 76.00

Spring is here! Spend it with a cool, refreshing glass of wine in hand! This Spring Wine bundle—comprised of our Riesling, Barrel Fermented Chardonnay, and Reserve Merlot—has the perfect selection of crisp white wines and a bold red, everything you need for spring!

Made in the traditional German style, this award-winning dry Riesling is well-balanced with a bright acidity, making it a perfect pairing for a light seasonal spring fare. Our Barrel Fermented Chardonnay is a traditional Chardonnay, designed to satisfy all of your cravings for a big, buttery white wine. Pair with a cheese plate to truly indulge! You can't go wrong with a big red, and our award-winning Reserve Merlot does not disappoint! This full-bodied red stands up beautifully with heavy dishes and is a great wine to curl up with on its own. Cheers to spring!