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2014 Riesling - Barrel Fermented

$ 26.00

This Riesling was both fermented and aged in very old oak barrels. This technique is unusual in modern Riesling production, but rather harks back to the traditional cellars of Germany before the invention of stainless steel tanks and refrigeration technology for temperature control. The resulting wine is not what you expect from most Rieslings on the market today. Soapstone, mushroom and honey dance elegantly on the nose, while the rich mouth-feel is supported by strong acidity giving the wine solid structure and length.


Additional Details

Batch: 205
Appellation: Finger Lakes, New York
Vintage: 2014
pH: 3.13
TA: 9.1
Alc: 12.1%
Residual Sugar: Dry
Yeast: AMH
Fermentation Vessel: Neutral Oak Barrels
Aging Vessel: Neutral Oak Barrels
Malolactic Fermentation: Partial
Cases produced: 75